Recreational Fire Rules

Recreational fires are allowed in the City of Lakeville when the following provisions are followed:
  • The fire is contained to a 3 by 3 by 3 feet area; this can be in ground, on ground, or in a free-standing premanufactured fireplace.
  • Fire-extinguishing equipment (extinguisher, garden hose, sand) is readily available.
  • Only clean burning wood and charcoal (you may not burn leaves, brush, grass, tree branches, building materials, rubbish etc.).
  • The fire is at least 25 feet from any combustible structure (house, deck, fence, shed).
  • Adult supervision is required while having a recreational fire.
  • All fires must be extinguished by midnight.
  • Not allowed if winds exceed 15 miles per hour
  • If anyone calls and complains about the smoke, you will be asked to extinguish the fire.
  • All fires are subject to discontinuance by the Fire or Police Department.
Note: State-issued burning restrictions/bans may impact this policy.

Please be mindful that high winds and/or dry conditions require extra attention and safety for even the smallest fire. If in doubt, put it out.