Crystal Lake Golf Course Stormwater Improvements Project

January 6, 2023

In the coming weeks the City’s contractor, Minnesota Dirt Works, will begin work on pond cleaning and storm sewer improvements at Crystal Lake Golf Course. The ponds at the golf course are owned by the City and treat runoff from the surrounding neighborhoods and streets. 

Over many years storm ponds like these slowly fill up with sediment and lose some of their intended functionality. Settling of sediments is a primary use of this type of pond to prevent larger, natural surface waters from becoming polluted. In the case of the golf course ponds, they need to be maintained not only to restore their initial water quality functionality but also to recover some of the stormwater storage that they provide. 

This is a fairly routine process that is needed in ponds like this all over the state. As part of this project, the City’s contractor will also make some minor storm sewer repairs to help improve system drainage. 

Project Details

Construction vehicles will be accessing the project site through Ironwood Circle, making their way north to access and clean the four ponds pictured on the map below, with trucks hauling excavated pond material back out through Interlachen Boulevard. Impacts will be limited to golf course property, with final restoration taking place in the spring of 2023. 

Contact Us

Questions can be directed to Lucas Ritchie, Civil Engineer at 952-985-4504 or by email, or Patrick Martin, Environmental Resources Technician at 952-985-4525 or by email.

Crystal Lake Golf Course project map