Private Stormwater Maintenance

To align with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s stormwater regulations, the City of Lakeville requires installation of stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) within all areas of development. Examples of BMPs include stormwater ponds, infiltration basins and underground treatment devices. Owners of these devices are required to submit records of annual inspections and maintenance to the City.

Maintenance of BMPs is necessary to ensure they are operating as designed. Maintenance activities range in terms of the level of effort and expertise required to perform them. Routine maintenance, such as mowing and removing debris or trash, is needed multiple times each year. More significant maintenance, such as removing accumulated sediment, is needed less frequently, but requires more skilled labor and special equipment. Inspection and repair of critical structural features such as embankments and risers, need to be performed by a qualified professional (e.g., structural engineer) that has experience in the construction, inspection and repair of these features.

Use this online application to submit annual inspection and maintenance records.

Application Instructions

  1. Toggle to the address on which your stormwater BMP is location. There will be a red dot on the site.
  2. Click the red button.
  3. The application will auto populate the “Business Name,” ”Owner” and “Contact Address” fields. Verify that the contact address is correct.
  4. Insert contact name, phone and email for individual that will be responsible for coordinating annual inspections and maintenance.
  5. Attach annual inspection documents.
  6. If more than one BMP exists on your property, begin again at Step 1. 

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