2023 Miscellaneous Roadway Repairs and Overlays Project

The City of Lakeville is proposing to resurface asphalt pavement on approximately two miles of residential streets in 2023. This project includes pavement milling and overlay, partial curb replacement and some storm sewer repairs.

Project Timeline

  • Fall 2022: Preliminary engineering
  • Winter 2022/2023: Final design
  • March 9, 2023: Bids were received and publicly opened
  • April 3, 2023: City Council awarded project to McNamara Contracting, Inc.
  • April 25, 2023: Keystone Avenue drain tile installation
  • May 1-20, 2023: Construction
    • May 1-6: Removals and concrete work
    • May 8-13: Removals, concrete work, milling and turf restoration
    • May 15-20: Paving and turf restoration
    • Note: Schedule subject to change

June 12, 2023: Turf establishment for the most part is completed in all of the milled and overlayed areas. Please observe the following recommendations for maintenance and mowing of restored areas:

  • Do not walk or drive on restored areas until the grass has fully established.
  • Refrain from mowing restored areas until the grass reaches a height of 6 inches. The recommended height to mow restored areas for the first year is 4 inches. Keeping a slightly higher lawn encourages a deeper root system and has better drought resistance.
  • Any additional watering efforts by the property owner is greatly appreciated and helps establish turf quickly.

Mid-July 2023: City staff will conduct turf establishment inspections. The contractor will address any deficient turf establishment later in August when weather conditions are more conducive for turf growth.

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If you have any questions regarding the project, contact Michael Kutz, Graduate Engineer, at 952-985-2796 or by email.