The City of Lakeville provides water to its residents from wells ranging from 460 to 864 feet deep. The wells draw water from the Prairie du Chien-Jordan and the Tunnel City-Wonewoc aquifers.

Lakeville has six water towers and one ground storage tank that store a total of 11.85 million gallons of water.

Water Quality

The Lakeville Water Treatment Facility was built in 1998 and expanded in 2001 and 2015 to serve the needs of residents and meet the demands of the City's significant development.

The hardness of water in the City of Lakeville is 18 grains per gallon. When setting up a water softener we suggest you set the grain amount to 14-16 grains per gallon. This helps prevent the home's plumbing system from corrosion.

The City complies with rigorous state and federal standards to ensure that the water delivered to residents is both safe and good tasting. The primary water treatment processes, using chlorine and potassium permanganate, are expressly designed to oxidize and remove iron and manganese. Fluoride is added in accordance with the Minnesota Department of Health criteria to promote dental health.

If you have questions on water treatment or quality, call 952-985-2700. Tours of the Water Treatment Facility are available for your group or class. If you are interested, call 952-985-2700 to schedule a tour.

RV Dump Station

The RV dump station is open to recreational vehicles (not commercial vehicles) and is free to use. It is open 24 hours a day and is self-serve. Rinsing water is available seasonally. It is located at the Water Treatment Facility, 18400 Ipava Avenue, on the northwest edge of the building/parking lot (just off Ipava Avenue).