Upcoming Special Events & Programs

May Luncheon
Tuesday, May 10 11:30 am

Enjoy a lunch of roasted chicken, wild rice pilaf, vegetable medley, bun and dessert. Following lunch enjoy music by our LAAA Classic Voices chorus. Luncheon is sponsored by LAAA Advisory Committee. Deadline is Wednesday, May 4.

 Luncheon is sponsored by LAAA Advisory Committee.

Luncheon 6

Healthy Brain Presentation

Friday, May 20   10-11 am

Changes in thinking and memory are common with aging. You may walk into a room and forget why you went there, or forget the word you want to use in conversation. People often wonder - is this normal? Should I see my doctor? Dr. Carly Anderson, board-certified neuropsychologist, will lead a discussion about normal aging versus dementia, and review the signs and symptoms that suggest you may need to see your doctor. Strategies to cope with and compensate for memory loss will be discussed. You will also receive tips for maintaining a healthy brain. Sign up at the Heritage Center or call 952-985-4620.  FREE

Healthy brain