Norway Spruce (Picea abies)

Norway Spruce
Norway Spruce


#5 gallon pot purchase size: 2'-3' tall
Mature height: 48'-80'
Mature width: 25'-30'

Norway spruce is native to northern and eastern Europe extending to the Ural Mountains near western Asia. Although it is not native to Minnesota, it has not found to be invasive in our native habitats. If you are interested in planting a spruce tree, this is a better choice than Colorado blue spruce because it is less disease prone. It prefers a moist sandy or loamy soil and can tolerate a well-drained clay soil. Norway spruce has a pyramidal shape with branches that become pendulous and almost appear to be weeping as it ages. This is reported to be the fastest growing of all the spruce species. Norway spruce provides a benefit to wildlife in the form of cover for small birds and mammals as well as roosting for owls and hawks. The cones are about 4-6” long. Be sure to plan for the mature size before planting. Full sun.