Why do you check everyone's ID?
The penalties for selling to someone underage are very severe, including the possibility of a gross misdemeanor, jail time, and up to a $3,000 penalty. This policy is non-discriminatory and ensures that our staff are protected and no one underage is sold to.

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1. What is a muncipal liquor store?
2. How many cities have muncipal liquor stores?
3. How are the proceeds of Lakeville Liquors used?
4. How long has the City been in the municipal liquor business?
5. Why do you check everyone's ID?
6. How can our group or organization seek a donation from you?
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8. What is your product return policy?
9. Do you carry gluten free products?
10. Do you carry organic products?
11. If you don't carry something I want, can you get it for me?