What is the deadline for dropping a ballot off at City Hall?

The deadline is 3 p.m. on Election Day.

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1. Throughout the media there is so much talk about the different ways to vote. So, what is the difference between early voting and absentee voting?
2. How would I request a ballot for myself, or for a family member, prior to Election Day?
3. How early can I request a ballot by mail? How soon can I come into City Hall to vote early in person?
4. For those residents requesting their ballot by mail closer to Election Day, what would you say is a good deadline to request their ballot?
5. Why do I need to complete the application form when I don’t need to do that at my precinct on Election Day?
6. If I have already requested a ballot to be mailed, how soon should I expect to see it in my mailbox?
7. If my family doesn’t trust the U.S Postal System to return our ballots in time, what other options do we have?
8. If using USPS, Fed Ex, or UPS to send my ballot back, when is a good deadline to get the ballot in the mail so you can receive it in time?
9. What is the deadline for dropping a ballot off at City Hall?
10. When voting in person at city hall, sometimes I place my ballot in an envelope and sometimes I feed it directly into the ballot counter. Why is there a difference?
11. Lakeville municipality has some unique boundaries with different City/County lines. Please explain where I should go or who I should contact to request an absentee ballot.