How much will this project cost me?

This project is proposed to be funded by the City’s Street Capital Improvement Funds and Special Assessments to benefiting properties. The City’s assessment policy is to assess 40% of the street and storm sewer improvements to the benefiting property owners. Estimated assessment amounts will be mailed to all property owners in the project area in late October 2023 with the invitation to attend the public hearing for the project.

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1. How was this project initiated?
2. What is the work being proposed?
3. When will this project occur?
4. How much will this project cost me?
5. Will I always have access to my driveway? If I would like to replace my driveway, when would be the best time to complete that work?
6. How will my mail and trash service be affected?
7. Will the contractor work in front of my house on weekends?
8. Will the areas of my lawn that are disturbed be replaced?
9. How are landscaping features and lawn irrigation systems dealt with during construction?
10. How will my boulevard trees be impacted by construction?